Fancy Nancy: Explorer Extraordinaire! by Jane O'Connor

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  • For the fanciest girl around, the outdoors are out of this world! Fancy Nancy and her best friend, Bree, set out to explore the fascinating world of wildflowers, trees, leaves, birds, and, of course, butterflies in their exclusively glamorous Explorers' Club. With recipes for pinecone bird feeders and extra-fancy lemonade, an official club bird, and an exclusive map of the territory, Fancy Nancy is one Explorer Extraordinaire!

    Take a look at Nancy's very own enlightening discoveries and find out just how fancy the outdoors can be!

  • It won't be available until March 31st, but we wanted to you to be able to call "dibs" on being the one to give your niece this 4th book in the Fancy Nancy series so your can be an Auntie Extraordinaire! (That's a fancy way of saying "Savvy Auntie.")