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Church Behavior

Written By Auntie Cadra

  • 4:41pm, 05/06/09

    I am fortunate and grateful that 2 of my 3 siblings, with their families,are not only still local to me, but we all still attend the church that our parents raised us at. As with all smaller churches, just a few share all the work, and that would include my brother, sister, mother, and myself.

    Bella & Lizzie are old enough now that they seize any opportunity to "be cute" but are still learning how to use "quiet voices" in church. As they are the only one ones in the congregation right now, they are loved by everyone and the girls don't mind running up to anyone they know.

    It is not unusual for Lizzie, the more vocal and younger of the two, to call out "all done!" when the minister pauses during his sermon. He's the type of guy who likes to speak for at least 45 minutes and solicit "amens" from his audience.

    Bella is totally into movies and TV. My brother & sister in law have tried repeatedly to tell her that we don't watch movies at church. Our pastor has taken to using his new toy: a laptop, which he plugs into the protector & he uses slides during his sermons now. Bella loves sitting through church now, but wonders "no car movie? no Elmo?" and, the day that a house fly landed on the wall, yelled out "DADDY ITS A BUG! BUG ON THE MOVIE!"

    Last week I was leading out in the worship service at the pulpit and Lizzie was particularly antsy. (She's 20 months old.) I had just announced the number of the opening song when my sister carried Lizzie back into the sanctuary from the Mother's Room. They were half way down the center isle when Lizzie turned, saw Bella and my sister-in-law sitting across the way, and Lizzie yelled out "Ewwww, BUTT!" That's what she says when she wants her diaper changed.

    Bella, always the agreeable one to her cousin, yelled back "dirty, Lizzie?"

    Lizzie yelled back "ewwwww butt ewww Mama!"

    I had all I could do to keep a straight face and start singing. My poor mother, whom the girls call Memere, was playing the piano and just about lost it. Several other members couldn't help but dissolve into fits of giggles while my 6 mo-pregnant sister was desperate to find a hole to fall into!