• Up until now,I've been raving about my nieces and nephew. Well, I'd say my aunt was(still is) my mentor. She's taught me things that I've taught my nieces (& that I can teach my nephew sooner or later) For example,I'm sure a lot of people have heard the "Little Bunny Foo Foo" finger song & play. She taught that to me when I was a kid & I've passed it down to my nieces.. My 10 year old niece LOVED it when she was little and my 3 year old niece loved it too! Can't wait to try it out on my nephew!
    My aunt (she & I are both named Kathy) has a great sense of humor. I wish I could explain how. But it's a case of "You'd have to know us personally" to understand. When I found out I was going to be the godmother of my niece Cindy (not her real name) Aunt Kathy was the FIRST person I called. I started the conversation with, "Do you still have your Fairy Godmother wand handy?" At first she said,"What do you mean?" So THEN I told her I was going to be a godmother! She was THRILLED for me! Several months later was Cindy's baptism. I remember saying to my mom that I wished that Aunt Kathy could be there. But I knew she couldn't. So on the day of the baptism,I saw a couple at the church & casually said hello. Then I did a DOUBLE TAKE! It was AUNT KATHY!She was there with my stepuncle! Oh Myy Gosh!!I was SHOCKED!! And she had a "fairy godmother wand" for me (99 cent store plastic wand that lit up when you turned it on in the back. But hey! She knew I was kidding about the wand!) My family (Mom,brother & sister in law) ALL had told me that my sister in law's cousins were coming.So my brother & s.i.l had to sleep downstairs. It was ACTUALLY Aunt Kathy & my StepUncle Bob that would be sleeping in my brother & s.i.l's room. My family faked me out but GOOD!!LOL!
    Aunt Kathy knows how much of a fan I am of Garfield. So last year,shortly before I turned 40 (yep fellow aunties,I'm over the big 4-0.UGH!) Aunt Kathy had wriiten to Jim Davis telling him about me & the medical things I endured my whole life & that my 40th birthday was coming up in April.If possible,could he please autograph something for me. So the Easter before my birthday (they spent Easter with us) Aunt Kathy presented me with...a comic strip of Garfield matted in a frame & autographed by Jim Davis wishing me a Happy Birthday! I was REALLY surprised!! The picture is hanging in my room above my bed.
    Last summer, Aunt Kathy (and Bob) invited me to spend a few days with them. Both she & I LOVE to play Scrabble. But she's a former English teacher & has a Bachelors'. So she won MOST of the games. Still it was fun to play. We went to Karaoke one night & I dared to sing a couple of songs. I sang"Hopelessly Devoted To You" I did FINE with that. Aunt Kathy told me I could do another. So I did (or should I say TRIED to do) "When I Fall In Love" I started messing up in the middle.So Aunt Kathy (God bless her) ran up the aisle & helped me catch up to the music. Never again am I doing karaoke,ladies! Even though some people told me I did fine!
    I'm just very thankful to have an aunt like Aunt Kathy. She's one heck of a special lady. And I hope that I'm like her to my nieces and nephew.. <3