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Where's the Baby?

Written By Auntie Cadra

  • 6:02am, 25/08/09

    I am blessed with two sisters and one great sister-in-law, whom fits into the family like a hand in a glove. I am also blessed that each of them have given me a niece, and that each of them are working on babies 4, 5, and 6!

    Niece number four is due to begin her arrival at 8:30am today. She will be the little sister of niece #3, Lizzie. Naturally, with the announcement earlier this month that my sister-in-law is expecting, everyone is talking about babies!

    So aren't my nieces. They've got babies on the brain because they are 28, 26, and 23 months old. I don't think they grasp how their worlds are going to change yet. Or maybe they do. Lizzie knows that Mommy has Lee Lee in her belly, and that Auntie Jay has a baby in her belly, and that Auntie Elle has a baby in her belly.

    I was holding Lizzie in the vestibule of our church this weekend. It was after the sermon, and we were milling about, talking about babies and meeting our brand new, first time we meet him pastor. Talk was about Lee Lee, who's making her debut today (we hope labor doesn't go into tomorrow!).

    Lizzie poked my size B left breast several times and, in front of everyone, announced, "Baby Lee Lee in there!"