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Aunt Sheila - Savvy Before Her Time

Written By RikiHalo

  • 5:54pm, 25/08/08

    My Aunt Sheila was my own Savvy Auntie - long before the title was officially given out! She is my father's youngest sister, and closer in age to my generation than his. As a kid, she was the coolest aunt by far: She always had toys at her house, even when she didn't have kids of her own. She didn't mind if you played hide & seek in her closets - even when you tromped on her shoes! Her husband told the WORST jokes (which to kids are extremely funny). We got to eat McDonald's for dinner, and bake messy messy messy cookies for dessert.

    And, when my dad died three years ago, she dropped everything and ran to tell me and my sister. She stayed with us for days, knowing that - even as adults - we'd need an aunt to lean on. She handled his estate for us, and walked us through the lawyers and the taxes and memorials. This year, she lead our family through the loss of my grandmother (her mother), got us all organized and together from across the globe for the funeral, and managed the dealings with the estate while holding us together as a family.

    Sheila has led technology companies to success with her skills and insight. She has helped support her husband in securing the ongoing success of his business venture. She has raised two children, each successful in their own rights.

    When I get married next year, I will ask Aunt Sheila to help hold the chuppah - symbolizing the home my husband and I will create and the support our families will bring to our life together. I hope to follow her example, and be not just a Savvy Auntie, but a Savvy Woman!