• 12/27/2016 2:19:25 PM

    This is my first blog so be patient. My youuger sister suggested to me to record some of my many stories about sharing time with my neices and nephews and now with their children. I have so many wonderful and not so wonderful stories I don't know where to begin.
    I guess I will start with the story of my nephew when he was fifteen years old and it was opening day of deer season. Our neighbor came over and told us to look at the edge of the woods behind our house. Sure enough there was a good sized buck standing there. My nephew got all excited and wanted me to take him out there to get that buck. Being the faithful aunt I told him we had to go get a license. My husband worked at a sporting goods store so we go there to get a license. We get it and he already has bullets. Go home and my nephew, his younger brother and I head out to the woods. (All the time I am thinking the deer will be gone and we can walk around and then go home.) There is the buck!. All hell breaks loose. Nephew shoots buck, buck takes off running. Nephew chasing the buck other nephew and me running for our lives. Im yelling because I'm afraid the deer is going to circle back and I get shoot. We all are running and yelling for about a half mile and the deer goes down. Nephew grabs his knife and runs at the deer like Rambo. I'm afraid the deer will kick him to death. Luckily the deer is dead. Now What? Send younger nephew to run home and call my husband to get the deer home and tell my sister our news. My sister comes with other youger nephew. She tells nephew if he shot it he has to gut it. He sayes no way and she said yes way. None of us had ever gutted a deer before(this was before cell phones.) We had kinda saw my dad do it but not to sure where to cut except we knew you weren't supposed to cut something or it would wreck the meat. My sister and him cut it's belly and then tried to shake the insides out. Finally guts and whole apples fell out. really really gross. My husband got there with the car and we got the deer on the car and headed home.
    Unfortunately every hunter we knew was hunting somewhere far from home. Obviousely no hunters where hunting in our woods or we would all be maimed if not shot dead after all that yelling. We had a friend that was a hunter and had a broken foot. He came over and showed us how to hang the deer up. Nephew was beyond proud. 180lbs dressed out and seven antlers.
    Let it hang a couple days and in that time my brave sister thought we could cut it up ourselves and save money. What a job!! We did it though. My sister took the liver out and put in sink. we all heard tink when it hit the sink. My nephew had used birdshot in his gun.
    The next night we made a beautiful dinner with all the fixings. We made pounded deer steak. It smelled so good and we were all so proud of our part in the meal. My younger nephew(who has a wicked sense of humor) said wait and goes in his bedroom and gets his metal detector to run it over the meat. We all were very cautious eating the meat, but it was thee best meal.
    Well that is my first story with many more to come
    Aunt Sandee