A New Year 2017

  • 1/2/2017 1:47:09 PM

    Had a great Christmas with my nieces and nephews. It was held at Dennis and Cathy's, my nephew and his amazing wife. They have three daughters that I adore. My nephew Doug was there with his amazing wife and their daughter Morgan, who is adorable at age six. My nephew David was there with his amazing wife and their daughter and son. Both of whom are talented young people. My beautiful niece Darcy could not make due to work. She is a nurse and I could not be more proud of her. Her partner Steve came and brought my sister-in-law Diann. How cool a guy is that? My sister Linda was there of course. She is the mother of Doug, David and Dennis, in that order. You will see her name a lot in my blog because she is an intricate part of my life. I do not tell her that enough. My precious brother Dennis was there.
    There is nothing more precious to me than my brothers and sisters kids and now ther kids.
    First on the agenda was going straight upstairs to use Abigail's lighted magnifying mirror to pluck my eyebrows. I had told her the plan and she was waiting for me. My light burnt out on mine. Waiting impatiently for new bulb to arrive.
    All for now.