• 1/6/2017 12:48:54 PM

    Tara is my beautiful niece. She has four children and a husband. She is a great mom and her kids are great.
    I remember well her years as a child from the day she was born to now. I remember taking her and Michael to Riverside park for a day of adventure. It was certainly that. We were messing around and I started running. Michael started chasing me, caught up and shoved me. I went face down on the ground. I will never forget the look on his face and Tara's. I thought it was funny. He didn't know l could run????. I was in my twenties for God sake. We got under control and started walking again. Tara wanted to go down by the river. Of course I let her (was still learning about kids and the crazy stuff they did) as you can quess she kept going closer and closer to the edge. In she goes soaking one leg up to the knee. She starts cring and I'm at a loss. Couldn't get mad because she was so upset. That ended that adventure.
    Another time when Tara was at my house we were having a get together. I had these ketchup and mustard containers. I was squeezing the mustard to hard and boom mustard all over the kitchen. Again the look on Tara's face. She thought I would be mad. From the look on her face, how could I be mad?
    This is a taste of some time spent with Tara when she was young. Now she is a grown up and has her own adventures with kids. Love her to pieces.