Your milestones

  • 12/1/2018 3:12:11 PM

    I was one of the first you rolled over for, my little niece. And I almost didn’t realize what you had done! And today you are almost 4 months old, sleeping in a little chair in my living room. You can laugh, coo, smile, scream (still getting used to this one) and hold my hand. You love music (yay!) books (double yay!) and your daddy and mommy. You also love to stare at food and mirrors, your eyes are getting darker everyday, but always shining, today you started to move your legs and arms in a crawling motion! You are growing so fast my little one <3


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  • jessicabrown said at 10:55 am on Mar 18 2019
    I have just found it so amazing and it making me laughing to some extent as I mean this what life is all about. This is how it moves on with some rough and tough and every dark clouds always come with silver linings with it.