Dear Savvy Auntie,

I'm so heartbroken. I am an Auntie by Relation and an Auntie by Choice. I am unable to have my own children and my nieces and nephews are like my own children. My family refuses to acknowledge Auntie's Day because they say it's not a national holiday. Instead of celebrating Auntie Day they are having a baby shower for my cousin. To me Auntie Day is a day for Aunties not a mom to be. How am I going to get through this?

Brokenhearted Auntie's Day

Dear Brokenhearted Auntie's Day,

I can understand your upset. Try to remember that the significance of your relationships with your nieces and nephews is the most important thing for them. Your family seems to not value your status in the family.  This is a very common issue for many aunts without their own children, especially if they are unmarried. It is still a sad fact of life that an unmarried woman has less status in the family and one without a child....even less.

I would consider that most pregnant women are overrun by their hormones and tend to be self absorbed. So, the baby shower  planned on a little recognized holiday may be overlooked. Thanks to and Melanie Notkin, this will change in the future. We can look forward to much more attention on this important day.

I suggest you send all you relatives Chase's Calendar of Events next year with Auntie Day circled (Sunday, July 27, 2014!) and plan a celebration with your nieces and nephews to honor your role in their lives.  Auntie's Day is, in fact, an official holiday.
Best of Luck,
Natalie Robinson Garfield

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