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  • Pomsies will tell you when they feel tired, cold or Hungry with adorable light up eyes, purring and cute sounds…only you can give them what they need!

    Take it to a new level with a special freeze dance mode you can play with you and your friends!

    Reacts to touch! light up eyes communicate how they feel!
    Touch sensors – pet them, hug them, love them. Over 50 cute sounds!

    Twist and lock tail - a great accessory for your backpack, wrist, hair and more!
  • Update! Pomsies Wave 2 with three additional Pomsies are in stores, now!

    Skyrocket’s Pomsies are adorable, interactive, fashionable plush pets for kids to nurture, designed to travel with a child, either wrapped stylishly around a wrist or on a backpack. The pompom-inspired kitties have one mode for social play with friends, and another mode to encourage nurturing. When the Pomsie is happy, sleepy or hungry, it will let a child know by changing its eye color and making cute kitty sounds.

    Pomsies can help a young child develop nurturing skills. When the toy feels cared for over time, it even rewards its owner by developing rainbow-colored eyes.

    Many Pomsies to choose from!