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    What It Is

    Unwrap a new friend with Cutetitos. Rolled up in what looks like a burrito, each Cutetito actually has a stuffed animal inside. For instance, you might get a slothito, a puppito, or a catito. You won't know until you open the bag and unwrap the tortilla blanket. Along with discovering your new animal friend, you'll also get to discover your animal's "hot spot" personality by checking out what color pepper is embroidered on its side. Will your animal be mild, medium, hot, or super spicy? You can read more about your animal, including a favorite quotito (or quote) on the included pet collector card and keep track of your Cutetitos collection. There are 12 stuffed animals to collect in series 1. Wrap your animals back up in their tortillas when they're ready to take a burrito nap again.

    Is It Fun?

    These are really cute and they might also make you kind of hungry. We like how the Mexican food theme is carried throughout and that the tortilla wrapping doubles as a blanket for the very cute and super soft stuffed animals. Instead of an unboxing, these are an unwrapping, and kids will really like the surprise of finding out which animal is inside the burrito and then getting to play with and care for their new pet.

    Who It’s For

    Cutetitos are for ages 3 and up. These stuffed animals will be fun to collect and unwrap for kids who are into pretend food and stuffed animals.

    What To Be Aware Of

    There are 12 stuffed animals to collect in series 1 and each is sold separately.
  • There's a big online video trend of people wrapping their pets up in blankets like burritos, now nieces and nephews can wrap up their own Cutetitos plush pets in their own burrito blankets! These cutie pet plush remind us of the Beanie Baby craze from years go - updated for the Generation Z kids of today!

    By the way, if you like burritos, these Cutetitos will no-doubt make you crave real burritos! They are wrapped to look like real burritos with a foil at the end.