Lost Kitties by Hasbro

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    What It Is

    Lost Kitties is a new line of collectible adorbs cat figures from Hasbro. But these aren't just kittens inspired by kittens, as all cat lovers know, each cat has a mind and personality of its own. And that's just the inspiration behind this new line of collectible toys.

    The Lost Kitties Blind-Box Singles feature blind-boxed kitten characters packaged inside mini milk cartons (think: the lunch room/cafeteria kind). Kids will have to open it up to find out "who'z hidin' inside?"

    This is series 1, which, for 2018, features 36 different Lost Kitties to collect. There are 8 Lost Kitties kitty squads with 4-5 kittens in each  squad. Kitty squads include #Noms, #Cattitude, #Workinit, #Ififits, #Adorbs, #Scaredycats, #Cathletic, and #Notfelineit.

    Open up the milk carton, and start digging, quite literally, through the Play-Doh-like compound. Hidden in the compound, you'll find your blind-packaged kitten, two accessories for your kitten and a sticker of a meme depicting your kitten. The compound also serves as a hint as to how rare your collectible Lost Kitties may be: white= common, brown=rare, and pink=ultra rare.

    Is It Fun?

    This is an adorable new line of collectibles that taps into the fun of unboxing, and pairs it up with adorable and unique cat characters. Cats in general are the type of animals that just lend themselves perfectly to adorable and oftentimes hilarious memes and internet videos, which also makes this line perfect for social sharing. This is one kitty squad we think kids are going to want to be a part of #kittensquad.

    Who It’s For

    The Lost Kitties are for ages 5 and up from Hasbro. Kids that like unboxing will enjoy digging through the dough compound of these blind boxed toys to get to their surprise kitty character. In addition we think kids are going to have fun making their own meme-worthy photos and gifs with these Lost Kitties.

    What To Be Aware Of

    Neither the packaging nor the collectors guide clearly states the different degrees of rarity for the cats, we used our deductive reasoning skills (read: we counted them) to figure out which color compound corresponds to the common, rare, and ultra rare characters.

    The accessories are not exclusive to each character so you may find yourself accumulating duplicates. For example, we found two separate video game controllers.
    Allergy warning: The dough compound included with these collectibles does contain gluten.

  • A sleeper hit of the season! Hasbro Lost Kitties is the perfect surprise gift or stocking stuffer!