Twisty Petz Uni-Cat Family Pack Bracelet Set

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  • What’s cuter than an adorable pack of animal families? Introducing
    Twisty Petz™ family packs! Twisty Petz™ are the sparkly gems that
    transform from a pet into a bracelet! This adorable set includes 2
    Twisty parents and their 4 babies, plus a special charm. Collect
    exclusive animal mashups like the Bumblebear Family! Then
    transform your family into sparkling jewelry - there are so many
    ways to accessorize!
  • Your FashioNiecta will love these awesome bracelets and rings. Converting her chic accessories into a loveable petz makes the best wearable toy.  With this family pack, your niece can combine her pet-family to create a necklace!