Kindi Kids Snack Time Friends

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    What It Is
    Journey to the world of Rainbow Kindi and Kindergarten alongside the colorful and food-themed Kindi Kids friends. The four bobblehead dolls in the Kindi Kids lineup all have a food theme and come with accessories for snacktime play.

    There's Marsha Mello with her "babycino" and cakepop. You can squeeze the "babycino" to see marshmallows appear in the straw and push the cake pop to Marsha's mouth to take a "bite". Marsha wears marshmallow hair clips in her braided white hair that also has pink, blue, and yellow streaks. Those colors can be found on Marsha's ribboned dress and shoes.

    Donatina loves donuts, and her "hole" passion can be seen in the doll's fashion, from a donut headband in her pink hair to her donut dress and sprinkly shoes. Donatina comes with a bowl of cereal (not quite donuts, but the cereal is an "O" shape) with a spoon. Remove the spoon from the bowl, push it to the doll's mouth, and watch the cereal disappear.

    Jessicake is all about cupcakes, and her outfit is frosted from head to toe. She wears a cupcake headband in her blue hair, a ruffled dress with sprinkles, and cupcake sandals. The doll comes with a pretend sprinkle shaker and a cupcake with a disappearing cherry when you hold it to the doll's mouth.

    And then there's Peppa-Mint who is living the ice cream life, leaning more toward mint chip thanks to her curly minty green hair and matching minty green boots with melted ice cream cones on them. Her romper looks like a waffle cone, and she has scoops of mint and strawberry ice cream on her headband. She comes with two accessories: a spoon and a bowl of ice cream. Push the spoon into the ice cream, and then pull it out to reveal either strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla. Then feed it to Peppa-Mint.

    All of the dolls have big glittery eyes and removable clothing for mix-and-match fashion play. Kids can learn more about the Kindi Kids and their adventures through the YouTube webisodes, which follow the characters through their first day in Kindergarten and making new friends.

    Is It Fun?
    The look of these dolls is adorable. If you're familiar with Shopkins, you might think that the accessories look like bigger versions of Shopkins. And that's so great for preschoolers, allowing them to engage in some of the same fun food play as older siblings. The way the accessories interact with the bobblehead dolls is also really cool, and these will certainly inspire a lot of imaginative play.

    When combined with the YouTube content (which wasn't yet available at the time of this review), kids get to see their favorite doll characters work through concerns that real preschoolers might have about starting Kindergarten: the first day, making friends, etc. The positive vibe of these dolls may help with the Kindergarten transition. 

    Who It’s For
    Kindi Kids are for ages 3 and up.

    What To Be Aware Of
    Each Kindi Kids doll is sold separately. You can also purchase playsets for the dolls.
  • Help your preschooler niece get ready for her first day of kindergarten with an adorable Kindi Kid doll! Each doll comes with their own snack which they can eat!

    Your niece can follow all four Kindi Kids' adventures on Kindi Kids YouTube Channel and get a sneak preview of kindergarten! And yes, if your niece has an older sister, cousins or friends, she may recognize the "Shopkins" look of the food play. It's no wonder; Moose Toys, the creators of Shopkins, is behind Kindi Kids for younger kids!