Real Rigs Recycling Truck from Kid Trax

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  • Real Rigs Recycling Truck from Kid Trax - Save the day and the earth with your new interactive friend.

    This tot-sized recycling truck has a big personality, featuring over 100 voice lines, sound effects, songs, and expressions based on interactions with your child. Nine recyclable accessories are included for collecting and sorting. The truck’s push button acceleration is easy for little hands to operate, while the top speed of 1.5 MPH provides the perfect blend of fun and safety. The Power Trax rubber traction strip tires keep the ride smooth and steady. And don’t forget, the Recycle Truck comes with a rechargeable 6-volt battery and wall charger so the fun never has to stop for long. Recycling has never been more fun! Make playtime meaningful with the Real Rigs Recycling Truck by Kid Trax.

    Playtime with Personality
    This interactive Recycling Truck is quite the character, featuring over 100 voice lines and awesome sound effects. It even includes one sung song and two delightful instrumentals. Plus, the truck’s eyes and mouth move as it talks and sings!

    All Sorts of Fun
    Learn about recycling while matching shapes! Your child can sort the nine included accessories by matching them with slots in the Recycling Truck. When the truck is full, use the working lever to dump it out – just like a real truck. Recycling has never been so much fun! 

    Get Up & Go
    Start your engines! The Recycling Truck features push button acceleration that’s easy for little hands to operate, while the truck’s top speed of 1.5 MPH is the perfect blend of fun and safety. Your child will be on their way to save the day (and the earth) in no time.

  • We first discovered the Kid Trax Real Rigs Recycling Truck this summer over a Zoom review with the engineers behind this fantastic ride-on that is filled with fun skill development on many levels.

    Watch the video in the "Get This Gift" to see how cool this Real Rigs Recycling Truck really is!

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