The smART sketcher Projector by Flycatcher

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    What It Is

    The smART sketcher is in the most basic sense a projector, the same type you might have found in a classroom years ago, but what makes this one special is that its Bluetooth compatible and can easily be loaded up with tons of content and activities for learning. To get started, you'll first need to download the free smART sketcher app and connect it to your device. Then grab a black sheet of paper and place it under the device. The front feet on the smART sketcher will help to hold your paper in place as you work. Within the app you can chose between accessing the pre-loaded content or uploading your own art work to recreate.

    For the pre-loaded content, the smART sketcher comes with an SD card that (once inserted into the sketcher) gives kids access to 24 drawings as well as all the letters of the alphabet. With the drawing/pictures, kids get a step-by-step guide to trace the animals they see within the app on paper. Once selected, the smART sketcher will project an image of, for example a turtle, onto a surface where you can then trace it on paper. To move forward and backwards on steps, simply toggle the arrows on the screen or on the smART sketcher itself.

    Selecting a letter offers further educational content, from the basics of upper and lower case letter-writing, how to form letters, as well as spelling. Feel like you've advanced beyond this content? Move onto your own content. Also within the app is the Trace Picture option, which allows you to access your own stored photos and illustrations on your smart device, select a filter, and adjust the contrast using your finger on the screen if needed. When ready, the smART sketcher will then project that image, ready for you to trace.

    Is It Fun?

    What we like about this educational toy more than anything is the content loaded within that focuses on essential basic learning skills in a way that's hands-on but still utilizes a bit of modern tech. We like that kids can repeatedly practice the same letter writing over and over again and, through the purchase of expansion packs (sold separately) continue to learn more. We also like that it offers an easier way to trace images and photos.

    Who It’s For

    The smART sketcher is for ages 5 and up from Flycatcher.  It will appeal to kids that enjoy drawing and coloring while also serving as an educational tool for parents to use with their kids. It especially comes in handy as a learning aid for basic numbers, letters, and early vocabulary development.

    What To Be Aware Of

    The smART sketcher operates with either the included AC adapter cable or 4D batteries, which are not included.

    Additional SD cards featuring added content are also available and sold separately.
  • The smART sketcher™ Projector by Flycatcher, a startup, helps teach kids as young as 5 to learn how to draw, write letters and numbers, and even develop their spelling with the step-by-step guide of the projector. But why stop there? With the app and smart device, kids can take a photo of their sibling, pet, favorite Auntie (Hi!), and anything else they want, and learn how to draw it! It’s great for independent playtime and creativity. And since the smART sketcher is already available, I’ve made room on my fridge door.