Jurassic World Control N Conquer Carnotaurus

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  • The Jurassic World Control ‘N Conquer Carnotaurus Large Dinosaur Figure with Tail-Activated Side and Head Movement, Sounds, Movable Joints, Movie-Authentic Detail

    Control 'n Conquer Carnotaurus dinosaur figure lets kids control the carnage like never before with the brand new "Primal Attack" feature, including realistic movement and attack activation

    Larger-sized figure features animated action by tilting the tail up to make the figure's head move; moving the tail to make the waist move and to also make it move sideways. Lift the tail up to make the Carnotaurus ROAR or push the button on tail back

    Kids will love the awesome animated control with roaring sound effects

    Control 'n Conquer Carnotaurus also features movie-inspired sculpting, movable joints, authentic color and realistic texture.
    For ages 4 and up.
  • This is a colossal year for Jurassic World! These active dinos are flying off the shelves, virtual and otherwise. The Control ‘N Conquer Carnotaurus Large Dinosaur Figure is one of our favorites, but they are all so fun and interactive. Nieces and nephews will use their huge imaginations to make this carnotaurus come alive!

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