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Welcome to Aunthology!

Written By SavvyAuntie

  • 4:04pm, 06/07/08

    Hi Savvy Aunties! And welcome to one of our favorite parts of!

    Aunthology is a collection of stories about Aunt-hood. Whether it be about being an Aunt, a Great Aunt, a Godmother, a Step-Aunt, a Mommy Auntie, or another great perspective as a woman who loves the kids in her life, you can share your story here.

    Plus, if you have a story you'd like to share with us about your Aunt, Great Auntie, Godmother, etc, you can do that too. Sometimes being a well-nurtured niece provides the best training for becoming a Savvy Auntie!Aunthology is all about Aunt-hood. We can't wait to hear your stories!

    Remember, Aunthology is a communal blog, so everyone can read your story.