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Unveiling "Uncle James"

Written By RikiHalo

  • 6:44pm, 09/07/08

    My niece "Wudge" has been around the block a time or two. She's 2, and since she has a single, hip, savvy auntie, she's seen and heard about the comings and goings of my partners. So when I finally found a guy cool enough to earn the "Savvy Uncle" title to match my Savvy Auntie one, I had to figure out a way to separate him from the other friends she may have seen me with during her life.

    James and I had a long conversation about when to make this transition and give him the designation of "Uncle James" and decided to wait until the wedding day, make it special, and "gift" him to her as part of the ceremony.

    On her second birthday, Wudge beat us to it.

    She graduated to a big girl bed the week before, and on her birthday was talking to us all about who sleeps in a big girl bed like her. When asked if Aunt Riki sleeps in a big girl girl bed, Wudge replied "uh huh, and Uncle James too!"

    What could we say? Its true, he does. :)